It is always a pleasure to hear the Indian Association Bonn e.V. from my customers. The very first event, that goes back to the Year 2007 celebrating " 60 Years of Indian Independence". This was the first event when I sold over 100 tickets. When the event was over some of my customers came and complained the shortage of food. When I asked about the program they praised and said above exceptions. I told them the inside story. Look this was their first program, they never expected guests over 400 -500 people and over 1200 people were present to have food. Was the shortage of food not planed ? It was a great lesson for IAB, since then they habe become more careful, and lots of energy is invested to please the guest as well as the artists. I never had any complaints after this day. I wish them a good future, as they are only the true cultural ambassadors of India.


Shalimar Store


 Babu Lal Arenja