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BOLE SO NIHAL, SAT SRI AKAL is a slogan or Jaikara (literally shout of victory, triumph or exultation). It is divided in two parts or phrases. The first, bole so nihal , is a statement meaning “whoever utters (the phrase following) shall be happy, shall be fulfilled,” and the second part sat sri akal (Eternal is the Holy/Great Timeless Lord). This jaikara, first popularized by Guru Gobind Singh, Nanak X, has become, besides being a popular mode of expressing ebullient religious fervour or a mood of joy and celebration, an integral part of Sikh liturgy and is shouted at the end of ardas or prayer, said in the sangat or holy congregation. One of the Sikhs in the sangat, particularly the one leading ardas, shouts the first phrase, jo bole so nihal, in response to which the entire congregation, including in most cases the leading Sikh himself utter in unison sati sri akal in a long-drawn full-throated shout. The jaikara or slogan aptly expresses the Sikh belief that all victory (jaya or jai) belongs to God, Vahiguru, a belief that is also expressed in the Sikh salutation Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fateh (Khalsa is of God and to God belongs the victory, or Hail the Guru’s Khalsa! Hail the Guru’s victory!!) In their hour of triumph, therefore, the Sikh’s remember sat sri akal instead of exulting in their own valour.