Newsletter 15.02.2017
Desi Carnival
with Bollywood music


Entrance: 17,- Euros (advance booking) (Evening Counter 25,- Euros (no discounts) )

The entrance charges include soft drinks and exclusive traditional Indian Dinner.  

Alcoholic drinks will be available (but not included in the entrance ticket) at the bar. 

Our Special offer for Families, Children, Students, Seniors and Bonn-Ausweis:

Senior citizens/Bonn-Ausweis: 15,- Euro per Person

Students: 12,- Euro per Student

Children below 12 Years: 8,- Euro per child.

For a family of 2 children under 12 years: 45,- Euros 

Dresscode: Please come in a costume as this is the tradition and a must.   

Please note that this is an family event and tickets are limited. 

First come - first served




Carnival is western and “Holi” is Indian, a traditional Indian Festival (another festival of “bright colours”) is said to have existed several centuries before Christ. This festival is for all to enjoy in coloured waters and Gulal (Coloured powder) and a social get-to-gether to get a kick with the tradition of Bhang. The total wildness as people dance to the rhythm of dholak (Drums) and sing traditional folk songs the loudest possible. 

Not to forget the excellent food.

We will be celebrating “Holi”  with dry “Gulal”.


Saturday 18th March at 11:30 hrs

Entrance: 20,- Euros (Counter:  No Discounts 25,- Euro / Person)

The entrance charges include soft drinks and ethnic exotic and exclusive traditional Indian Dinner.

Alcoholic drinks will be available but not included in the entrance ticket.

Our Special offer for Families, Children, Students, Seniors and Bonn-Ausweiss:
DIG/Senior citizens/Bonn-Ausweis: 18,- Euro pro Person.
Students: 15,- Euro pro Person.
Children under 15 Years: 12,- Euro per Person.
Special offer for a family of 2 children under 15 years: 55.- Euros


Save the Date
Next Bollywood Party for the youth

Einzigartige Bollywood-Party in Bonn:

Indian Association Bonn "Youth Club" organisiert gemeinsam mit der Indian Association Bonn eine Bollywood Party.  Die DJsDJ Ro-T & DJ Nucool heizen die Tanzfläche auf mit Bollywood Musik, Bhangra, Hip Hop und R'n'B. Lasst das Tanzbein schwingen!

We want you to shake your booty.
Our next dhamaka in Bonn "Bonn 'Meets' Bollywood" organized by the IAB Youth Club.

Details of the party:
Join us by dancing on amazing Bollywood Vibes, Bhangra combined with Hip Hop& R'n'B music.

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TBA: to be announced