Holi Celebrations


Carnival is western and “Holi” is desi, a traditional Indian Festival (another festival of “bright colours”) is said to have existed several centuries before Christ. This festival is for all to enjoy in coloured waters and Gulal (Coloured powder) and a social get-to-gether to get a kick with the tradition of bhang. The total wildness as people dance to the rhythm of dholak (Drums) and sing traditional folk songs the loudest possible. Not to forget the excellent food.

We will be celebrating “Holi” for the second time. We will not be able to play with water colours but with dry “Gulal”, we will offer Gulal to be used moderately.


Sat. 30th March at 11:30 hrs

Entrance: 20,- Euros (Counter:  No Discounts 25,- Euro / Person)

The entrance charges include soft drinks and ethnic exotic and exclusive traditional Indian Dinner.

Alcoholic drinks will be available but not included in the entrance ticket.

Our Special offer for Families, Children, Students, Seniors and Bonn-Ausweiss:
DIG/Senior citizens/Bonn-Ausweis: 18,- Euro pro Person.
Students: 15,- Euro pro Person.
Children under 12 Years: 12,- Euro per Person.
Special offer for a family of 2 children under 12 years: 60.- Euros

Kids under 4 years are free of cost! 


Holi celebrated with Lord Mayor of Bonn Mr. Ashok Sridharan



DIG Bonn/Köln and Indian Association Bonn celebrates Holi Festival with an exclusive WDR report by Frau Erbach.